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Creating the ideal career and finding

Taking Charge of your Career Development

The world of work is constantly changing creating new careers while some are becoming redundant. As a result, in the development of most careers, it is no longer business as usual. On the whole, how safe is your career? For this reason, this book shares global trends on the future of work, the tools to create a career development path and, most importantly, how to execute it.

Careers last only through adaptation

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Teboho Mofokeng

Leadership & Management Author

Teboho Mofokeng is a leadership and management author who is also a civil engineer. She started her career 2008, in a male dominated profession. Not to mention its lack of diversity in leadership and management. In spite of this, within four years of her working career, she was promoted to a junior management role. Surprisingly, it only took twelve months to earn a seat at the middle management table. All this was achieved while building a marriage and raising two children

Professional engineer and author

If you keep searching, learning, growing and stay long enough in the game, what is meant for you will find you.

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